Cheryl Ewing

By way of introducing myself, my name is Cheryl Ewing, mother of 2 children and wife to a fantastic husband. Being thirty-seven years young, I do not see myself as being anywhere near that age in health. As a very active and fit individual, I pride myself on my appearance as much as I do on my work.

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"I love what I do"

Cheryl Ewing

Sportmasseuse - Sport Fysiotherapeute - Manueel therapeute

My experience is rather extensive and varied; I was schooled at The National School of the Arts, an Art and Ballet school in Johannesburg, South Africa and have always  been obsessed with body movement in all forms. With tireless dedication and discipline, I was awarded my Junior South African colours for Rhythmic Gymnastics at age 12 and my Senior South African colours at the age of 14.


Following high school, I joined the State Theatre Ballet Company with the intention of fulfilling my dreams, The Company unfortunately closed a year later, and I was forced to forge a new career path. Being so obsessed with human movement, the natural choice was to enter the world of Sports Physiotherapy. 

Having worked in the field of Sports and Orthopaedic physiotherapy for over 12 years, my interpersonal skills and ability to spend time with people in a one on one environment are integral to my daily routine.


Simply put, I love what I do.


I am in the process of learning Dutch. This is last step before I am allowed to practice as physiotherapist in the Netherlands. During this learning process, I am working as a Sports Massage Therapist with RHINO-sportzorg.